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                Service hotline:13511764589
                【Industry news】
                Contact us
                Yangzhou Jililai Power Tools Co.,ltd.
                Tel:0514-87665908 87667848
                Phone:13511764589 13174133981
                   13852738600 13912132669
                Add:Huaisi Town ,Yangzhou,Jiangsu
                Zip code:25115
                About us

                   Yangzhou Jililai Power Tools Co.,ltd.is a professional manufacturer of national production of electric tools, company lies in the beautiful scenery of the Suiti mausoleum, outstanding people, convenient transportation. The main products are: series of magnetic base drill (plane) (phi 13, Phi 19, Phi 23, Phi 32, Phi 38, Phi 49, Phi 60), hole (phi 32, Phi 38, Phi 50, Phi 60, Phi 80, Phi 120) hole drill, drill (large size Phi 19, Phi 23, Phi 32, Phi 38, Phi 49), bench grinder (phi 150, Phi 200, Phi 250) and other products, including a 70 magnetic base drill in the lead in production, to fill the domestic blank.

                Company News
                Industry news
                Copyright (c) 2014:Yangzhou Jililai Power Tools Co.,ltd. All Right Rererved
                Sales Hotline:13511764589 ADD:Huaisi Town ,Yangzhou,Jiangsu
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